Large rectangle custom acrylic aquariums are our most popular design. They are a the focal point of the room and are designed to usually go against a wall. We highly recommend that this style acrylic fish tank is fully supported on a sturdy aquarium cabinet that is specially engineered to accommodate the weight of the large tank. We recommend a colored back, either in black or blue, so that any cords or plumbing are hidden and do not show through the front view of the aquarium.

We also offer custom built aquarium stands and canopies. Our aquarium stands and aquarium canopies are built with an open back design and are available in many finishes to match your decor.  We work with many acrylic aquarium builders in many states.  We have many custom acrylic aquariums listed below the quote form so please take a look at our selection and purchase online or complete the form so that we can get you the best pricing for your area.