Marineland Lobster Tank CG-50 Bio Wheel Live Seafood Display System

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Designed to deliver optimal water quality, enhanced product holding performance and superior operational east, the CG-50BW(1) and CB-50BW(2) are low maintenance, technologically advanced live seafood display systems featuring BIO-Wheel wet/dry biological filtration. 

The Marineland BIO-Wheel functions as a rotating biological contactor (RBC) the same performance-proven method used in commercial water treatment and commercial aquaculture.  The BIO-Wheel contacts both water and air supplying ammonia-consuming bacteria with as much as 30,000 times more oxygen for maximum growth and efficiently.

Because they are not oxygen-limited like submerged filters, BIO-Wheel Systems have more filtration capacity without larger space requirements...the bacterial colony actually grows to accommodate the bioload.

BIO-Wheels require no maintenance or replacement.

And... you can order these system complete with precultured BIO-Wheels. That means immediately product loading, display and sales…with no break-in period.


DIMENSIONS: Approximately 50"long


CAPACITY: 100 gallons

POWER REQUIREMENTS: 15 amps, 115V, 60 Hz

RECOMMENDED LOAD:  Lobster: 100-125 lbs. or Catfish: 50 lbs. or Trout:35 lbs.

  • Super-efficient polyfiber filtration pads screen out debris and solid waste... and change in minutes.
  • Super-convenient Marineland Carbon Filter Pack - filled with one full pound of superior Magnum Activated Carbon - effectively removes organic compounds from water.
  • Classic BIO-Wheel wet/dry filtration eliminates toxic ammonia and nitrite on contact. Ensures greater biological filtration capacity...without larger space requirements.
  • Surface and bottom skimmers remove debris.
  • Protein Skimmer (foam fractionator )automatically removes dissolved organics.
  • Ultraviolet Sterilizer effectively destroys algae spores.
  • Low Voltage Lighting System ensures optimum safety.
  • Compartmentalized foam-insulated reservoir is separated from electrical and refrigeration related components for added safety and convenience.
  • Profiles are available to match all casemakers.
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