Maxspect Aeraqua Duo AD600 Protein Skimmer

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Quiet, efficient skimming is just the beginning. The Maxspect Aeraqua Duo puts you in control of a truly innovative, feature-packed powerhouse. 


Recommended for tanks up to 300 Gallons:

  • Heavy Bioload (Most Common) - 150 Gallons
  • Medium Bioload - 225 Gallons
  • Light Bioload - 300 Gallons 


When Maxspect created the Aeraqua Duo they set out to reimagine the modern skimmer, incorporating the best design features and most advanced technology available to create an incredibly capable, controllable, and nearly silent skimmer that would not only be easy to set up and tune, but easy to maintain as well. The Aeraqua Duo seems to combine nearly every wish-list innovation they could think of, from a built-in handle and float switch in the collection cup to integrated air lines, dual needle-wheel impellers, and water level marks on the skimmer body.


The innovations don't stop with the body design. The pump controller included with the Aeraqua Duo can be used to perform a variety of functions. You can put the skimmer into feed mode, schedule a 24-hour program for when you want the skimmer to run (and when you don’t), and you can set a start delay among a variety of other features. By adding Maxspect’s optional Integrated Controller 6 (ICV6), you can unlock wireless control through the Syna-G app using your Android or Apple (iOS) device. You will also be alerted on your mobile device if the float switch is triggered in the collection cup. 



  • Near-Silent Operation
  • Integrated Pipeless Design
  • Super Small Footprint
  • Precision Front Dial
  • Dual Intake
  • Dual Needle Wheel
  • Air/Water Recirculation
  • Overflow Protection
  • Quick Release Collection Cup
  • DC Flow Control
  • Wireless Capabilities
  • iOS/Android App Control
  • Feed Mode
  • Startup Delay



  • Dimensions: 10.2"L x 8.3"W x 22.2"H
  • Max Air Draw: 396 Gallons Per Hour (1,500 Liters Per Hour)
  • Max Water Flow: 634 Gallons Per Hour
  • Max Power Draw: 40 Watts
  • Recommended Water Height: 7 to 9.5”